I'll be there

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The afternoon was warm. The wind, slow and lazy. His mind flew free, after the gentle waving of the illusions and allusions palms.

That young lonely boy wished he could be there with someone who let his heart in peace. Live in peace and above all to live that moment for ever, without the volatility and fear of losing her the next day. Only in this way time’s evanescent would last longer, like that tepid afternoon.

And that somebody at that moment could be a full sharing of silence. Divide the delight of the calm wind. And the best of all would be not to worry even a little about serious subjects, matching words, chilling decisions.

That somebody would take care of him.

A girlfriend, perhaps.

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Ralph Spegel

Forte, estatura heróide, pálido de argila, barba inteira, rente, pontiaguda, vestindo corretamente, parecia à primeira vista uma dessas nulidades elegantes, a que a natureza, satisfeita por masculinizar-lhes o aspecto heróico, regateia lugar no espaço. Bastava porém, reparar na flexão das suas sombrancelhas espessas, na expressão imperativa do seu olhar, para descobrir dentro dessa míngua orgânica, um caráter em carne viva.