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A long time ago this list popped into my head. A friend asked me how to be creative, but I’m definitely the wrong person to help. Creativity is a hard and long process for me. It never comes easily and demands hours of white paper brainstormed. But I had to give it a try. Instead of writing him a boring email with the usual yadda-yadda why not send him a letter?

So I did the following split A3 piece of paper (sorry it’s in Portuguese, but you can find the translated message below). He loved how unusual (and creative) it was receiving a physical letter with a handmade drawing. This is creativity for me: be amazingly surprising with simple solutions.


Dez dicas para começar a ser criativo



to start being

  1. Don’t live with your parents

    Parents are amazing. For visiting. As you grow up they will act as a figurative handbrake. Without them around you can do more craps ever so often.

  2. Start saving money

    The ideal world is having 3 months worth of salary on savings. It’s impossible, I know. But it’s an important freedom and reflects on an item below:

  3. Learn how to say NO

    When an impossible, nasty, crappy job appears in front of your eyes, say NO. Deny any job that you know it will push you down.

  4. Stay with creative and funny people

    But avoid twats. Twats are sneaky and oppressive. They’d rather lose a friend than a joke.

  5. Draw one ‘thing’ per day

    Sketching is the best thing to set this pink jelly thing behind your eyes free. Shadow your inspirational fellas and compile their best ideas. That’s the easiest way to create your own style.

  6. Procrastinate a little bit

    LITTLE bit, you idiot. Sometimes that’s the best way to start fresh.

  7. Study

    A University perhaps. Empirical knowledge is amazing but will never beat scientific methodology.

  8. Decide with your balls

    Reach the crossroad with your brain. Decide with your balls – or any other guts attached to your body.

  9. Don’t have an opinion about everything

    Be metamorphic. Flexible. Open-minded. Inflexibility is a horse blinker.

  10. Create your personal creative list

    Follow your dreams. Sometimes an advice can create even more doubts. Listen to others ideas but make your own decision.

the author

Ralph Spegel

Photographer, designer, inventor, typographer, father of zero (yet), Brazilian, German, living in the UK. I almost do not know anything. But I suspect a lot.