Hi, I’m Ralph.

As a very creative person, I’m passionate about photography, illustrations and graphic design, but I’m technical enough to turn all these images and concepts into working and completely friendly solutions.

I live in London now, but I believe home can be anywhere in the world. For a long time, I lived in Brazil and worked for great companies such as the biggest computer factory in the country, huge portals and prestigious digital agencies.

There are no frontiers for me. I’m passionate about technology and wild nature, keen to changes and challenges.

My mind keeps wandering through illustrations, typography and art sometimes. Just another way of sorting ideas and subtly spending time. Nothing really serious.


The 6 years spent studying advertising, art, design and even computer science gave me a good foundation in visual communication. Having started off with a simple interest for illustrations, I’ve been mostly designing for the web along the years but also worked in other media, including artwork of brands, visual identities, photography, post-editing, digital drawings and printing.


Much of my career has been spent as an in-house web designer, working with front-end development in a few different companies. Skilled in handling code well written semantic, I can turn my designs into Search Engine Optimised websites with the latest technologies for cross-browsing compatibility and the benefits of HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery.


In 1998 I got my first web position as an intern, working in the web area now for 16 years. This last decade gave me the opportunity to work with various customers and made me realise that many trends have passed by and a few remained. From that and all the colleagues I have worked with, I learned well. The abilities and experience acquired during this time set me out for the exciting future ahead within the digital and offline design.


I always had a camera in my hands. Since the old film Kodak Instamatic 120, I experienced the challenge of taken creative shots. With time, curiosity and thousands of clicks, I upgraded my expertise from an occasional photographer to a serious enthusiast of this amazing world. Nowadays I have different places that I expose my photos: 500px and Instagram.

Doodle it, dude!

I had a bit of an uncommon life. That’s why I decided to doodle it and resume everything:

first computer at 9 years old
designed 68 logos since then
60,000 photos taken since 2003
49 websites
 designed and coded
based in London
lived in 5 different cities so far


married for 12 years
Portuguese, English and Spanish
4 sec of free flight (parallel to the ground)
4 min of freefall
11 waterfalls jumped off
4 bridges jumped off


6,400 mi in 24 days through 5 countries
01 proper handshake with Dalai Lama
tried 28 types of meat, even insects
18 years trying to understand the internet
designed 3 fonts
cooking since 7 years old


have 3 T-shirts still in use since 1996
a photographer without my own camera
blogger for 13 years
I doodle
 ALL my meetings notes
drove almost 1,000,000 miles in 15 years
930 mi of 4×4 trail adventures


rescued 23 people at REC level 1
cycle 17 miles a day to work
13 nights away from wild camping without a tent
4 universities in 10 years
a scout for 13 years
309 Facebook friends